Online valuation

Online valuation

Now you can send us four photographs by email, whatsapp or by the internal of our social networks, facebook and instagram, and you will get an assessment and projection of your surgery totally free.

The conditions for the virtual evaluation are:

Send 4 photographs on a blue background with the following specifications: front, left profile, right and basal profile. Send them by email to the email, by whatsapp to the number 3208996592 or by the internal mail of our social networks ( or instagram/drpabloalejandro).

If the problem is functional or snoring it is preferable to send a short video of the most severe events.

Attached in the body of the message a short story in a single paragraph and less than 5 lines about the desire for change and possible fears to the procedure. These requirements are indispensable for a virtual evaluation that approaches the expectations of each patient.

The answer can be issued in 1 or 7 working days, time in which the study and profile analysis is carried out.

It is clear that any concept issued is provisional, based on the images and information provided, can not be interpreted as a medical consultation, or as a diagnosis or definitive concept.

The budgets can vary according to many aspects such as type of procedure, technique, resources and clinic where you want to perform the procedure.

Virtual concepts about previous surgeries of other colleagues will never be issued.

It is emphasized that this should NEVER be interpreted as a medical consultation, it is only a virtual help and guidance and that each case in particular must be evaluated integrally and in person once the virtual assessment has been made.

You can schedule your appointment in Fosunab - Calle 158 # 20-95 Torre C, 6th floor, office 609 or phone 6913438 - telephone and wathsapp +573208996592.


You can also visit us at o instagram/drpabloalejandro

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