We offer our experience in non-surgical procedures in order to best meet your needs, using cutting-edge technology in aesthetics and beauty.

Botox application:

This procedure entails the application of the botulinum toxime in small quantities on the face so as to partially paralyze the action of muscles. As a result, facial folds or wrinkles are minimized.

The application of botox is a safe, quick, painless procedure performed in the office. Following application, effects are visible within first 72 hours and lasts for three to four months.

Facial fillings:

As years go by, the volume of the tissues underneath the skin is lost, giving an appearance of old age. It is possible to correct these imperfections, using the following fillings:

  • Hyaluronic acid fillers
  • Patient’s own body fat
  • Plasma fillings enriched with platelet and growth factors obtained from the patients own blood.

These procedures are fast and performed in our office. Patients recover quickly.

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