Facial Plastic Surgery

As experts in facial plastic surgery our aim is to achieve the best results without surgical interventions being noticed. Among the procedures we practice are:


Probably the physical characteristic that most calls out for a facial plastic surgery is that of exiting or prominent ears. Children who have been victims of cruel nicknames like Dumbo or Mickey Mouse are the most appropriate candidates for an otoplasty. As this condition can result in increased shyness of children and ultimately obstruct their adaptation in school. Otoplasty can be practiced at any time once the ears have completed their growth, usually after five or six years of age. Our recommendation is that once the cartilages have completed their growth, the faster the surgery is done the better. Adults can benefit from this procedure as well, as this could improve their self-esteem.


Frontoplasty, also known as forehead stretching surgery, is a procedure that improves and restores the fresh and youthful appearance of the frontal area. This procedure corrects drooping eyebrows and improves expression lines that make people look tired, sad or in a bad mood.

We can operate through the conventional surgical method, whereby incisions are hidden behind the hairline. It is also possible to use endoscopic surgery through which the incisions are shorter. Both of these techniques provide similar results.

The best candidates to experience this intervention are those aged between 40 and 60 years, who are keen to minimize aging effects. However, people of other ages who have developed expression lines due to stress or muscular activity may also benefit from this procedure.


Mentoplasty is the surgery that aims to improve the projection of the chin in order to improve its aesthetic appearance and facial harmony.

Regarding functional improvements, mentoplasty could also help improve mandibular issues which may cause snoring.

This surgery lasts in average half an hour and the initial recovery period is one week. The results of the mentoplasty are long-lasting.


Blepharoplasty aims to rejuvenate facial appearance by intervening the eyelids.

Through this functional or cosmetic surgical procedure, the upper or lower eyelid are remodelled so as to eliminate and / or reposition excess tissue to strengthen surrounding muscles and tendons.

Blepharoplasty is also used to solve the issue of under/upper eye bags (especially the lower ones). Under/upper eye bags are actually fat accumulated in the eyelids. This problem can be present from very early ages, as it can be hereditary.


Commonly referred to as facelift, rhytidectomy is a cosmetic surgery specifically designed to restore and provide a more youthful appearance through the removal of large, obvious wrinkles and flaccidity of facial skin. This procedure involves the contraction of facial and neck muscles, as well as removal of excess skin. Following the rhytidectomy, patients must find their appearance to be several years younger than before. In some cases, patients may look up to ten years younger.

Unlike other procedures, a facelift is not a simple procedure. Following the surgery, patients must rest between one and two weeks to fully recover.


Bichat balls are accumulations of fat in the cheeks. Their extraction provides the face with a more elongated and stylized appearance. This is a fast procedure and patients require a couple of days to recover.

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