Foreign Patients

Foreign Patients

Services we offer


We offer transportation from and to the hotel and airport. When you arrive in Bucaramanga you will be assisted and accompanied our team members. You will be transported to your medical exams and pre-surgical appointments where we will establish your current physical condition and best surgical options. Our team team members will also transport you to and from the surgery and other medical check-ups. Our tourist team could also plan one or several tours for you and your companions.


We offer to rent a beautiful apartment in a very nice and safe neighbourhood in the south of Bucaramanga. The apartment has three bedrooms with bathroom, air conditioning, large living and dining room, domestic worker’s bedroom, refrigerator, washing machine and tumble dryer. The condominium is close to the clinic and has covered parking and lifts.

There are many supermarkets, pharmacies and shopping centers nearby as well. As an alternative, depending on your budget and preferences, we could provide advice on accommodation options including apartments, hostels and hotels. We have extensive knowledge of the best three-to- five star hotels in Bucaramanga.

Nursing Service

During your recovery you will be assisted by a team of nurses that will accompany you 24 hours a day. While you recover, our nursing team could assist you for as long as you desire.

Post-Surgery Therapy (Massages, Hyperbaric Chambers)

Post-surgery therapy is as important as the surgery itself. We could provide experts in massage and hyperbaric therapy to ease your recovery.


An English or French translator could assist you during your medical visits or outings if you do not speak Spanish.


Following the surgery, before returning to your country you will have an appointment with the nutritionist, who will analyse your current status and provide advice on what you should eat in order to maintain the results of your surgery.

Why should you choose Bucaramanga, Colombia for plastic surgery?

We are located in Bucaramanga, Santander. Our city is increasingly a place of reference as the best option to fulfil the dream of feeling more beautiful.

Every year thousands of men and women come to Bucaramanga because it is an unequalled city, specialized in health, beauty and cosmetic surgery. Its economy allows for relatively cheaper surgical prices compared to other cities in the world, while preserving our excellence and professionalism in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

You could also visit nearby touristy sites such as Panachi, San Gil, Socorro and Barichara, as well as visit La Mesa de los Santos, where you will find some beautiful views of our geography.

The clinics where we work have been awarded the ISO 9000 certification and comply with the quality standards established by the Colombian Health Ministry. We are excited to offer you the best service guaranteeing your safety, tranquillity, comfort and superiority.

Our excellent team of nurses and anaesthesiologists will ensure both your physical and psychological recovery. We will also make sure that you enjoy your stay in our country.

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